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Boiler Repair Appleton

At Eco Efficient Appleton, our sole mission is to provide unmatched boiler and heating services to homeowners and commercial customers. We are transparent with our service quotes so you can have peace of mind knowing that we will not charge you for non-existent services.

Our Gas Safe engineers will come to your premises to inspect and assess the extent of your damage or the nature of installation and maintenance before billing you. We make sure that our installation, repairs and servicing delivers the best value for money.

What we offer

Boiler servicing

Slow boilers are likely to push up your energy bills and compromise your comfort. We have a remedy for faulty boilers—regular boiler servicing. We strive to offer appropriate system checks, and to replace parts that contribute to sluggish operations. We provide bespoke servicing plans upon request. We are your reliable partner any time you need your boiler serviced.

Boiler repairs

Eco Efficient Appleton is the only service provider that handles your boiler repairs with the attention they deserve. We are precise and committed to offering superior services. We conduct a full system check to identify existing and looming threats before fixing the problem once and for all. Our Gas Safe engineers have successfully repaired thousands of boilers and our customer reviews can attest to that.

Boiler installation

We boast the best boiler installation crew. Our Gas Safe verified technicians are flexible enough to install small and large boilers without much fuss. We abide by regulations and codes that govern boiler installation. We can install any model available and we offer you warranties and manufacturer guarantees on parts and labor.

Gas and boiler leaks

Poor boiler and gas system installation, loose valves, and cracked gas and water pipes are all leading causes of gas and boiler leaks. If you want a quick remedy to gas and boiler leaks, call us any time. We can be trusted to detect the cause of your leaks and to fix them with the deserved urgency.

Central heating installation

At Eco Efficient, we offer innovative solutions for new central heating system installs or upgrades. We will make sure that your system components including water cylinders, radiators, and the under floor heating system is installed right the first time.

Central heating repairs

If you are looking for high quality central heating repairs, we have you covered. We offer fast solutions in emergencies. Our mobile service engineers are always on standby for emergency repairs and installations. All you need to do is place a single call; we will be on our way to repair your faulty cylinders, diagnose defective radiators and to fine-tune sloppy pipework. We are available 24/7 and you don’t have to worry about extra costs; we never charge you for callouts.

Call Eco Efficient Appleton today for fast and affordable solutions to all your central heating needs.

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