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Your boiler is a crucial fixture of your home. Without it performing properly, your central heating system will fail and so will your hot water supply. One of the leading causes of boiler down time is lack of regular system servicing. When you subscribe to a regular service plan, your boiler will keep operating at its best. If you want to enjoy such benefits, you need to liaise with gas safe engineers from an accredited boiler servicing company like Eco Efficient Warrington.

Prompt inspection and checks

Your boiler will always serve you well if regular inspection and checks are done promptly. At Eco Efficient Warrington, we provide practical plans that suite your needs whether you want a standard service package or a bespoke service plan. What’s more, we guarantee our service and are conversant with different boiler brands.

Some service providers will ignore the need to power flush or carry out a flue gas test. This could be hazardous for you in the long-term. We are committed to conducting this crucial test to ensure your boiler works optimally.

Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial client, we can provide servicing solutions anytime. We don’t want to bother you about the next servicing date; we schedule our services automatically. Our coverage around Warrington is impressive.  Since we are confident of our services, we offer highly effective solutions and we back them with a solid warranty. We guarantee labor and if there are parts to be bought, they come with manufacturer warranties.

Our service delivery in Warrington is unrivaled. We have serviced boilers in schools, offices and public institutions in Lymm, Runcorn, Knutsford, Risley and Appleton. Our vision is to see you enjoying your boiler’s full potential. There are several aspects to our boiler servicing process.

Our Gas Safe accredited engineers will do the following:

  • Visual inspection: We carry out basic checks to verify that the boiler is up to standard and that there are no physical faults or cracks on pipes. We also assess the flame on the boilers to verify whether there is carbon monoxide emission.
  • Boiler casing removal: We open the boiler casing to check system components to verify they are in top shape. We check the heat exchanger, burners, main injector and other key parts.
  • Flue check: We never miss the flue gas test; our experts will clear any blockages on the terminals and ensure the flue is fitted properly.
  • Gas pressure check: We analyze your boiler pressure to ensure its operating with appropriate pressure levels.

After servicing, we undertake a gas safety check to ensure the boiler system is burning correctly. We provide comprehensive reports about the condition of your appliance and automatically schedule the next servicing date.

Call us Eco Efficient Warrington today; we will provide practical boiler servicing plans that meet your needs.

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