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Gas and Boiler Leaks

In the UK alone, over 20 people die from carbon monoxide exposure annually. The worst thing about such leaks is that they are not easy to detect. To ensure that your home is safe, you need to know how to spot gas leaks and to get help quickly. At Eco Efficient Warrington, we know that gas and boiler leaks can make your home inhabitable. We endeavour to provide a lasting solution all the time.

What causes a gas leak?

Several factors can trigger a gas leak. Faulty appliances, defective gas system parts, installation faults and appliances that are never serviced can lead to such leaks. If you appoint an under-qualified gas engineer, chances are that they will not test the parts or pipes installed; this could mean lose joints and valves.

If you want to fix gas and boiler leaks, Eco Efficient Warrington will provide superior and dependable installations and repairs. For over 15 years, our Gas Safe certified experts have been fixing faults that lead to gas or water leaks on your systems. We endeavour to offer quick solutions including during emergencies. Even if your gas system starts to leaking at odd hours, you can depend on us to respond to your call, diagnose the problem and fix it once and for all.

Top skills and capacity

There is a reason why our customers trust us for superior gas and boiler leak solutions. Our accreditation levels are impressive and we have the skill and capacity to identify 99% of all hidden leaks. We don’t rely on destructive or invasive methods to spot problem areas; this means we will not hamper operation within your home or workplace.

Our leak detection equipment together with our seasoned engineers will make it easy for us to provide reliable and guaranteed services. Our mobile service units are always accessible so they will get to you before the leaking gas get out of control.

Dependable services

To detect a leaking boiler system, we can help you install a carbon monoxide alarm. An alarm will alert you when this odourless but lethal gas starts seeping into your living spaces. At the same time, we will help you identify leaking water to prevent this from damaging your property.

Call us and let us stop gas leaks before it is too late. We will check your leaking water problem and provide a lasting remedy whether you are in Lymm, Runcorn, Knutsford, Risley or Appleton.

Guaranteed professionalism

If your boiler has been losing pressure, you can depend on us to fix the problem—it could be a leak in your boiler system. We not only get your gas and boiler leak problems solved; we also ensure such problems don’t recur. As a highly accredited gas and boiler leaks service provider, we boast a high level of professionalism, workmanship and fast response to emergency situations.

Call Eco Efficient Warrington today and let’s stop the stubborn gas and boiler leaks once and for all.

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